Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Retrospective 26/8/2009

Thing are going so fast it's hard to keep track. Heres some current thoughts:
  • All is working as planned, benefits of thoroughly testing the python scene library before using it in PyPegwars
  • There are a bunch of Python classes mirroring C++ classes, and confusing things right now, e.g. MeshPiece, RenderChannelStrip
  • The 'planets' aka light probes are being rendered via worldObject bind to CameraChannelStrip.
  • The lightmaps are being rendered via worldObject bind to LightChannelStrip.
  • The lighting on the objects is happening via the old system, i.e. C++ world objects binding to render channel strips.

How do I have 3 camera scenes, i.e. Far, Near and Cockpit, all rendered from the same viewpoint? how do I share a camera around?
Currently there are 5 scenes:
  1. farScene
  2. scene
  3. cockpitScene
  4. camera's CameraScene
  5. light's LightScene

TODO tonight
  • Get rid of the python RenderChannelStrip concept entirely
  • Change WorldObject to store (material,drawCommand) map instead of (renderChannelName,drawCommand) map

  • Added newmaterial / newmesh format, and late binding/creation of world draw commands
  • Added c++ MeshPiece

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