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One year on..

Wooahh, one year on, and to think I was just really gaining momentum.. Guess moving to a different city and the upswell of the Android app store and promise of $$$ is a fair enough distraction. So today marks the occasion where I've taken up Pegwars again, and with the awesome benefit of a huge pause and the hindsight that affords, I fixed 3 long-standing bugs that were sucking the gumption out of me 1. The python console that every so often went haywire is fixed. Solid. 2. The blooming that flickered in and out annoying, fixed. Solid. 3. Can now fly between solar systems without the weird rendering issue; Spaceflight App module now cleans its solar system up properly. This unlocks the door to the entire Pegwars game I've come to this fresh now and am really happy with the progress I made. There were some gumption traps present in some bugs, but the design is solid and I feel on the cusp of some pretty fast progress now.