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Pegwars in Darwin..

Been a while since the last Pegwars effort, since then I've packed up shop and moved to Darwin! Also since then I've been getting into Android programming. One of my Android apps involves porting some of the Stingray engine to Java and OpenGL, which was FUN. However since dry season hit, and my cool 3D rain app can no longer be worked on (no way to test it lol) I've moved back onto Pegwars programming. First step was reading my codebase and understanding it again. To do this, I followed through my DogFight and SpaceFlight python modules, and drilled down into the how the Scene works, with n cameras and lights and render channels and Scene vizCallbacks etc. Very happy once I'd figured it out, to remember that I had come a long way. With hindsight and a fresh perspective, I jumped in and fixed a few long-standing bugs. Then to test out my knowledge of the renderer, I launched in and implemented both depth-of-field scene blurring and materials that reflect the dyna