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Evolving Cities and Video

For now, I've finished my work on simulating the economies of planets.   Population and wealth grows and shrinks over time, players have the ability to influence their planets' growth via governmental policies.   Mines consume resources, factories produce goods from raw materials.   The overall desirability of the planet's economic indicators drives natural immigration to the planet or incites the population to vacate.  I can generate the economic indicators of any planet at any time. This is all fine and good on a spreadsheet  or in the game UI But do people want to play a spreadsheet or a video game? How will these changes manifest themselves on planets in the game, and not just as graphs and metrics in the UI?  Enter the concept of Evolving Cities. Evolving Cities The video below shows an evolving city in real-time in the game.  A Headquarters has been placed, it begins with 100 population and 1 million credits and becomes the hub of the planet's capital city.   I