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More Economics

Simulating a Planet's Economy from Inception The prototype economic simulation was seeded with a 'pre-rolled' population and wealth, and aimed to create some kind of stable consistency up or down in growth, given a decent start.   Each planet began with generous conditions - say 3 billion population and 60 billion credits of wealth. The real aim for the game however is to simulate each planet's evolution from first inception, such as landing just 100 colonists and giving them a measly 1,000,000 credits to eventually (hopefully) build an entire civilisation from. Under the prototype code, most planets died out very quickly.   Tiny destabilising factors that reduced population would quickly reduce the population to 0 when only starting with 100.   The large costs associated with building and maintaining production infrastructure such as mines and refineries were overwhelming to begin with and easily overpowered small populations. To cope with this I've added populatio