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The Bright Future “So, ya really want to know what the future was like? Alright, I’ll tell ya. It was awesome. Spaceships everywhere. Antigravity? Solved. Lightspeed? Solved. Repression, Warfare, Greed, Corruption? Well, ... ya know there’s some things that humans didn’t learn neither.” 21st Century Gentech In the early 21st Century humans discovered how to modify their DNA. This revolutionary scientific advance brought with it the ability to cure hitherto unsurmountable genetic diseases. With great power comes great responsibility, and humanity does not have a great reputation when it comes to their power of responsibility. The concept of meddling with the very fabric of our species understandably caused widespread ethical concerns and so initially the practice of gene-modding was heavily regulated. Only a few well-known and most debilitating genetic diseases were given the green light for the procedure, and in the early days the technique met with great success and with little real c