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Simulating Planetary Economics

Planetary Economics This week I started writing the galactic economic simulation.  Each game year the universe evolves and each planet's economy grows or shrinks based on factors such as government type, stability, population size and natural resources.  Eventually you'll not just be limited to governing planets by controlling tax rates and setting government policy, but by waging intergalactic warfare you'll be able to influence the economy and populations of your enemies in more nefarious ways.  You'll be able to bomb their infrastructure and destroy large population centers such as cities.  You'll be able to pirate their freighters in order to interrupt supply chains.  But of course, if you don't defend you own empire with ground based lasers, missiles, air defences, space defence shields, orbital laser grids and battle fleets, enemy civilisations will be able to do exactly the same to you. For now however, let's just start with the basic economic simulat