Ship Dashboards

Here's a quick look at a prototype dashboard for spaceships.   Like everything else in the game so far, the artwork is 100% prototype.  In Pegwars, spaceships are like future cars, so I've modeled the prototype from an 80's classic sports car.   The 80's really was the bomb, I love it how car designers tried to get so futuristic for a period of time.

The gauges, from left to right :

- Hull Integrity
- Shields
- Engine Revs
- (Top) Set Speed
- (Bottom) Actual Speed
- Current Gravity Forces
- Power Usage
- Power Available

Left and right of the dash will be a couple of MFD's (multi-function displays) that the pilot can customise to display whatever info they like.

Beneath the speed readouts are a couple of icons that I haven't used yet, but the idea is they will function as 'check engine' lights much like in cars today.  Expect that when you are under heavy fire and damage to see a whole row of bright red icons indicating your ship is about to be well-and-truly stuffed.

Eventually I hope to have a customised dashboard to fit each cockpit, with car-based dashes for the smaller ships and totally different setups for the carriers and larger capital ships.


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