Commander Kroton

"Infamous for its abundant micro-climates and irradiated soil, Asta is a planet that is relatively 
unimportant." A city on the planet is perched around a field of luminescent crystals, providing it not only abundant resources but untold wealth and unsurpassed natural beauty. Commander Kroton sets his ship down gently in a garden just outside the city outskirts.

He rents a modest but sunny apartment on the outskirts of a city situated within the planet's pink desert sands.   For a while the easy life prevails, but the novelty of a relaxing life of luxury soon fades and sure enough Kroton again feels the need to get busy.

Leaving Asta on an underground mission to deliver medical supplies, sure enough he comes up against hardened defences "somewhere above Thefrel."  Not a problem thinks Kroton as he easily dispatches the threat with his pair of brand new beam lasers.

He lands at a moonbase and offloads the precious blackmarket medicine for a wonderfully hefty profit.  Kroton now has enough money to set up a small base of operations and begin planning the growth of his future Empire.


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