Retrospective 14/3/2010

Got many boost::python things working now that I am using shared_ptrs. Always knew I should have but was too lazy to do so, it finally became necessary. The main thing is I can now access worldObject hierarchies *safely* and pass IData back and forth from python.

From this I now get WorldObjects loading, creating Python LogicObjects from the object files, and now have an onLoaded call. All Logic Objects get onLoaded called once the entire WorldObject is loaded.

Lights are now loaded from .object files, and they are controlled via LightLogic scripts (which currently have to be loaded via the ScriptLogic wrapper class).

The LightLogic currently sets the light matrix based on the position of its worldObject. I should make a C++ light object that is intrinsically tied to world objects.

Also created is the ControlCentre script. This will be responsible for running all the ships' systems. First up I'll just be using it to shoot pulse lasers.


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