Retrospective 20/10/2009

Debugging SSDO, although only at the SSAO stage.

Just changed the depth_normals shader to output from the vertex shader and dividing z by w in the Pixel Shader to get the desired depth. This should be the correct depth, and removes the /50000.0 hack in the previous vertex shader.

The SSDO effect is very sensitive to its world radius, you can either see the small details or the large details.

But doing importance sampling on the filter taps allows for a much vaster range for the effect to be visible.

Gonna randomise over time the taps.

The effect reallly needs 64 taps to look good. So I'm going to try and downsample the depth image and do SSDO on that.

Now trying to change the visibility function. Even the testVisibility function gave decent results.


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