Retrospective 24/8/2009

Created all the old Pegwars Application Modules
ObjectPool - added error msg to report objects that have no vizCallback
Working on SpaceFlight module.
  • should this module create a solar system, or have one passed in? doesn't matter yet, defer this decision.
  • got it promoting planets and suns to the appropriate far/normal/cockpit scenes
  • made first link between python and c++ game : planets + suns now *have a* world object that represents themselves.
  • planet and sun created by solar system and added to SpaceFlight's scene.
  • SpaceFlight has far/near scenes, ticks all objects and culls them between far/near objects.
  • bindMesh for sun/planet now binds the 'debug python mesh' and its world object.
Created C++ RenderChannelStrip ( instanceable RenderChannelManagers )
Replaced WorldObject::visible with bind( RenderChannelStrip ) and unbind(RenderChannelStrip )
Added DebugChannelStrip for now, a singleton channel strip used by python console / engine statistics etc and also the one used by, architect etc. things using the OldScene idea.


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